Here's our story

About us...well, Killer Doormats came from the idea we can do something better for ourselves. Our first doormat bought as a couple was your standard "Go Away". Not really us, but better than just a normal "Welcome" doormat. In perusing other doormat stores online, we found several that appealed to us, but again, nothing felt quite right or possessed the quality we were looking for.

When trying to define yourself with just one doormat, well the ideas tend to just flow, so one became two, two became five and so on until we had so many ideas that it was decided to pursue creating an Etsy store and see who else would maybe like what we have to offer. We now have grown to two website and

We are small, but we would like to grow with your help. We will also be taking custom orders with your ideas. The two of us come from an art background, so needless to say, we are just two long lines of creative people looking for a new medium to channel it. We take pride in our work and take great care when painting our doormats. We do not use spray paint on our doormats, so you will not see ghosting or overspray on our finished products. Please look at any of our finished mats and notice!



Custom / Personalized Doormats.

Our doormats will cover so many areas, we hope you will find one to suit you. There will be geeky doormats, funny doormats, insulting doormats, and cutesy doormats just to name a few. There will always be more to come and of course, if you have your own idea, please feel free to contact us and we will work with you to create the perfect doormat to show off your personality.


We thank you for your support of our small business. We enjoy what we create for you. 

Ky and Ky