UnwelcomeDoormats - hand painted mats for your doorgasms

What is UnWElcomeDoormats.com

Unwelcomedoormats.com is the answer to every homes question, "Where can i find a door mat that suits my personality without looking like a cheap, novelty door mat. Our mission is to provide quality, hand paint door mats that make you neighbors impressed, even jealous. Unlike our competitors, our custom designed door mats exuded maximum effort with no over spray (cause by using inferior paint mechanisms like spray cans) and no bridges (gaps in the letters). Our door mats are not just text on a mat, they have personality due to their artistic design and even font choice. If you like one of our custom doormats, take one home, make your door unforgettable.

Do you have a custom idea for your own custom doormat, a perfect house warming gift, birthday surprise, or even man cave accessory. contact us by email and we'll help build your vision. Email: Unwelcomedoormat@gmail.com

About us

Thank you for checking out our custom doormat website, we began from a very simple idea. Where can we find a door mat that was unique, not mass produced, and given the attention of a hand painted door mat. we did not want a machine printed door mat at hand painted price, we wanted affordability with no sacrifice to quality. It was only natural for us to embark on this mission, providing our customers with a great looking doormat and an extension of their personality. 

Thank you again for allowing us the oppurtunity to service your front door with our personalized door mats.